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5 Reasons Why Joomla is the Best CMS the World Has Ever Known!

When setting up a new website there are a lot of factors to consider, like your design and domain name, but the most important of all is choosing the right platform. This is crucial and not a decision to be taken lightly. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account, such as cost, time, quality, flexibility and control.

1. 2.8% of the World’s Websites Use Joomla.

You can’t argue with 35 million downloads and counting, or as the Joomla website says, one download every 2.5 seconds. Impressive stuff.

Joomla powers the websites of some of the world’s most well-known and much-loved brands like Pizza Hut and Kelloggs and even the websites for Leonardo Di Caprio and Gorillaz!

When you buy an ÄLVROS armchair from the Kuwaiti IKEA website, you can thank Joomla for your smooth transaction.

With WordPress now the backbone of more than 20 per cent of websites, Joomla can quietly go about being the best CMS available without the added pressure of being the most popular. A brilliant business strategy.

2. Joomla Has More Than 6000 Extensions

What WordPress folk refer to as “plugins”, Joomla developers refer to as “extensions”.

The 12,000+ plugins available to WordPress users is way too much. It’s overkill. I mean, who needs to rainbowify, unicornify or catify their site? There’s no need for all that junk. There’s no need to add even more clutter to Joomla’s already beautiful templates.

3. Some of the Biggest and Most Respected Companies in the World Use Joomla

Pizza Hut, the UK Ministry of Defence, the Greek Government, the High Court of Australia and MTV in Greece are just some of Joomla’s biggest fans.

And did I mention that Leonardo Di Caprio uses Joomla? Pretty cool, huh?

But what you might not know is that McDonalds is also a convert. That is, McDonalds in Bahrain.

If you have a craving for McArabia Chicken or a McRoyale Burger, the local McDonalds website has you covered.

Joomla powers the restaurant’s website for the Arabian Peninsula, ensuring information is easily on hand for budding burger flippers with stars in their eyes wanting to find out more about the region’s Hamburger University.


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