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Hosting & Domain Registration

With Home Tree Web design & Marketing Hosting becomes so much more than just a space you rent on the internet for your website. We make sure that your website functions to its ultimate potential.

Hosting with Home Tree includes benefits no other hosting company offers their clients with our Hosting Package we include tools that are made accessible to you, to track websites visits and interactions.

Home Tree Hosting Package includes the following;

  1. Unlimited Support for your Website and Domain.
  2. Google Analytics & Web Reporting Account.
  3. Add This Account.
  4. Disqus Account.

1.1 Unlimited Support

This allows you to let Home Tree Know when you want to make any changes or alterations to your website. This Includes Support that allows you to make regular changes to your website i.e. new articles, Text, Pictures, Product info

Domain Support Includes the set-up of any new emails, email signatures etc. Problem reporting, new domain registration.

2.1 Google Analytics Account

Your customers go everywhere; shouldn't your analytics? Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones. That makes it easier to serve your current customers and win new ones.

Google Analytics Account Features:

Advertising Reports
Use ad reports for search, display, social, email and more to view conversion rates and returns across all digital channels.

Search Engine Optimization
The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports in Google Analytics help you understand how Google Web Search queries led visitors to your site.

Custom Reports
Custom reports can be built in minutes, and they're easy to share with colleagues. So you can all have instant access to the numbers that really count for your business.

Audience Data & Reporting
Focus on your audience: the kinds of people they are, where they come from, how they find your content, and how loyal and engaged they are.

Social Reports
The social media revolution is maturing. Are you measuring? Social reports show you the impact that social media has on your business goals and conversions. Integrated web and social data offers a holistic view of your content and community.

Traffic Sources
How do people find your site? Use Traffic Sources to evaluate the effectiveness of your referrals, direct traffic, organic (unpaid) search keywords, and custom campaigns.

3.1 Add This Account

70% of social activity about your brand happens off your site.

Content engagement done right!

AddThis offers you website tools, advertising solutions and massive data. TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE - Find more brand advocates, model audiences and drive targeted results. Expand your audiences and glean insights from user behavior such as emailing, printing, address bar sharing and over 300 other social networks and services.

4.1 Disqus Account

Disqus is a blog comment hosting service for websites and online communities that uses a networked platform. The platform includes various features, such as social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting.


Hosting Specifications & Product Overview
Monthly Fee
From R175.00 p/m
Traffic in SA
Disk Space
FTP Account Data
One Account
POP Mailboxes
24 / 7 Technical Support


Universal Web Features
Restore Backups
Control Panel
Visitors statistics / Counter


Email Specifications
POP Mailboxes
Alias Forwarding
Anti Virus Scanning
Anti-Spam Filter
Mailbox Autoresponder
Spamhaus Zen
Mail Log
Fax-to-Mail Services